En la Frontera del Arte

En la Frontera del Arte (On the Margins of Art) is a short documentary produced by Miranda Harris Martínez and Mike Curran in collaboration with artists living and working between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

It is an attempt to bring understanding to realities lived along the U.S.-México border, in this particular binational region that is unlike any other. It centers the experiences and approaches of artists of various forms, as it is these folks who are allowing us to imagine otherwise — to imagine ourselves outside of a world of border militarization and imperialism, and towards alternative futures.

This documentary should be understood as a “snapshot,” as it was shot and edited within the 14 days we were based in El Paso. We do not attempt to provide any conclusive truths, but we do hope to arrive somewhere closer to more humane, real understandings of this particular space, in this particular moment.

We encourage you to play around on the site, where you can (1) learn more about the artists featured, (2) interact with some 360 videos we made to better understand the space, and (3) check out the work of (and contribute to) organizations and movements that are resisting border imperialism.

Correction: In the documentary, we wrote at 08:12 that the pink crosses around Juárez were painted by NI EN MORE and Mustang Jane. These crosses were actually painted by the mothers of missing girls and women from Juárez. They were installed before Pope Francis arrived in the city, to bring attention to the feminicidio crisis. For more information, you can check out this article.