Community initiatives, startups, organizations, and projects all jumpstarted by your fellow Macalester students.


En La Frontera Del Arte

Michael Curran ’18 & Miranda Harris ’18

En la Frontera del Arte (On the Margins of Art) is a short documentary produced by Miranda Harris Martínez and Mike Curran in collaboration with artists living and working between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México. It is an attempt to bring understanding to realities lived along the U.S.-México border, in this particular binational region that is unlike any other.

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Integración Lógica Matemática Cuauhtemoc

Integración Lógica Matemática

Cuauhtemoc Cruz Herrera ’19

The goal of Integración Matemática is to increase the number of students year by year, so that the impact from Integración Matemática can reach as many youth as possible and result in an impact in the near future with solutions to social and economic problems.

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The Sticky Rice Project

Lilian Vo ’18

The Sticky Rice Project aims to bridge the intergenerational gap in the Seattle Vietnamese community using food. Published a Vietnamese recipe storybook that includes the stories and recipes from the summer 2017 youth program.

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Ruby Days

Amritha Subramaniam ’20 and Nikita Naik Mood ’19

Ruby Days is a curriculum on Menstruation is an educational program intended to teach young girls about the natural bodily process of menstruation. Working with local educational experts and artists, this project has created a standardised Menstrual education program that covers topics about menstruation, menstrual hygiene, menstrual health related disorders, and the stigma surrounding the taboo topic. While helping young girls dismantle the idea that their bodies are toxic, this group is simultaneously working to increase access to menstrual hygiene products that are cheap, easily accessible and environmentally sustainable.

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Peace for Life

Peace Im ’19 and Jonathan Scott ’19

Peace for Life is a social justice/animal rights project to save the lives of stray dogs from being abused and euthanized and to make a web-cartoon based on the stories of stray dogs to increase of the awareness of animal rights and to introduce a way to coexist on this planet with animals and nature. Partnering with Empathy for Life, this project will foster, adopt out, and save one dog a week. The interactions with these dogs will fuel the outreach to spread awareness in Ulsan, Korea, and the world at large.

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Polyethene Biodigesters for the Masses

Mphatso Simbao ’21 and Likhwa Ndlovi ’21

Polyethene Biodigesters for the Masses will bring small-scale biodigesters to farmers in Zimbabwe, to reduce the farmer’s reliance on slash and burn cultivation that destroys forests and harms the soil. Biodigesters are mechanical stomachs where bacteria live that break down food without oxygen to make methane for cooking that can be pressurized using a stone. It can be fed waste food as well as manure and will produce a very rich fertilizer due to the second digesting process. This helps save money on electricity while providing a place to put kitchen waste.

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